Coming Soon to a Race Near You

Our 2019 schedule is out and we are ready to roll.  Look forward to seeing you soon!

April 27th- Tour de Gretna; Harrisburg, PA

April 28th- Lower Providence Crit; Audubon, PA

May 5th- Orchard Beach Crit; New York, NY

May 11th- Smoketown Airport Crit; Bird in Hand, PA

May 18th- Wilmington Grand Prix; Delaware

May 21st- Aug 20th- Fuji Super Tuesday Track Racing; Trexlertown, PA

May 25th- Boundbrook Crit; New Jersey

May 26th- Rariton Crit; New Jersey

May 27th- Tour of Somerville Crit; Somerville, NJ

May 31th- World Series of Bicycling UCI Track; Trexlertown, PA

June 1st- Air Force Cycling Classic, Crystal City; Arlington, VA

June 2nd- Air Force Cycling Classic, Clarendon Cup; Arlington, VA

June 7th- World Series of Bicycling Festival of Speed UCI Track; Trexlertown, PA

June 8th- World Series of Bicycling Festival of Speed Day 2 UCI Track; Trexlertown, PA

June 9th- Riverton Criterium; New Jersey

June 11th- World Series of Bicycling UCI Track; Trexlertown, PA

June 14th- World Series of Bicycling Fastest Man on Wheels UCI Track; Trexlertown, PA

June 15th- World Series of Bicycling Fastest Man on Wheels Day 2 UCI Track; Trexlertown, PA

June 16th- Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic; Harlem, NY

June 21st- World Series of Bicycling Sprint Cup UCI Track; Trexlertown, PA

June 22nd- CRCA Lou Maltese Circuit Race; Central Park, NY

June 28th- World Series of Bicycling Keirin Cup UCI Track; Trexlertown, PA

June 29th- Media Hometown Crit; Media, PA

July 1st-8th- USA Cycling Elite Track National Championships; Carson, CA

July 5th-15th- BC Superweek Criterium Series; Canada

July 12th- World Series of Bicycling Track; Trexlertown, PA

July 14th- Curt’s Cyclery Crit; Bethlehem, PA

July 19th- World Series of Bicycling Golden Wheel Race Track; Trexlertown, PA

July 20th- Mengoni GP Circuit Race; Central Park, NY

July 21st- Pottstown Bike Race; Pottstown, PA

July 26th- World Series of Bicycling US Women’s Open Track; Trexlertown, PA

July 28th- Emrick Blvd Crit; Bethlehem, PA

August 2nd- World Series of Bicycling Keirin Revenge Track; Trexlertown, PA

August 3rd- Reading Radsport Festival Criterium; Reading, PA

August 4th- Reading Radsport Festival Hill Climb; Reading, PA

August 9th- World Series of Bicycling Corporate Challenge Track; Trexlertown, PA

August 10th- Benchmark Twilight USA Crit Series; West Chester, PA

August 11th- Main Line Criterium; Philadelphia, PA

August 16th- World Series of Bicycling Air Products Track; Trexlertown, PA

August 18th- Ambler Criterium; Ambler, PA

August 23rd- World Series of Bicycling Madison Cup; Trexlertown, PA

August 24th- Electric City Crit; Scranton, PA

August 25th- Electric City Hill Climb; Scranton, PA

Traveling Pickles

Bike the Bricks Criterium- McKinney, TX
Colleen- 3rd
Alijah- 4th

Tour of Somerville- Somerville, NJ
Colleen- 2nd
Alijah- 6th

Our last week summed up in one word…. Busy. On Thursday afternoon Alijah and I flew down to Texas to meet up with teammate Christie for the Bike the Bricks Criterium. Race day began with a strong thunderstorm and street sweepers cleaning up the course… not exactly what you want to see after a long day of travel. Luckily everything dried off and cooled down to 95 degrees by race time… yes cooled off to that temp. We were fortunate enough to have the support of the Pickle Juice Team car, van, tent setup, mechanic and fans so we were ready to roll. The field had some heavy hitters and we knew the race would be a challenge. A solo break took off and while team members Christie and Alijah tried to chase it just wasn’t going to get caught. So, we set up the field sprint and took 3rd and 4th with the help of Christie’s lead-out.
After the race Alijah and I got back to packing our bikes for a flight out the next day.
We landed in Philly late on Saturday and used Sunday to reassemble our Affinity bikes and roll out our legs for the Tour of Somerville.
On Monday afternoon we raced the 75th year of the Tour of Somerville… a race I have done every year since I was about 13 years old (crazy how time flies). This was Alijah’s first Somerville and she really stepped up to the plate. She had a great call up to the start line where they announced all of her current national titles (and took a few minutes to get through them all 😉). The race itself was rather uneventful with Alijah bringing back a few attacks or countering off of the breaks that I brought back. It all wound up coming down to a sprint finish. The long home stretch baits you into going early (a mistake I’ve made a few times before) but it’s longer than it appears and patience is normally the best plan of attack. So, we waited, and waited, and waited…. and made the move for the win. I threw my bike, crossed the line, and had no idea who won. Haha. It wound up going to a photo finish where I lost by a few inches. It’s a punch to the gut to be that close but 2nd place at such a prestigious race is nothing to sneeze at. Plus, Alijah earned 6th place at her first attempt at Somerville, which is an impressive feat for the young 19 year old rider. Overall, it became one of those races where you are pleased with how it went but not completely satisfied with the outcome. After all, perfect races are rare (I know I’ve never had one) so we will definitely walk away happy, but learned a few things too.
That evening it was back to packing and the next day we flew back down to Texas. We are currently in the oven they call Dallas as we do some promotional work for Pickle Juice in the lead up to Oklahoma City Classic this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We will be sure to post updates on social media along the way so follow along for all the details. 😁


A Tale of Two Pickles

Alijah Beatty- 21st
Colleen Gulick- 23rd

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…. On Alijah Beatty’s 19th Birthday she had her first official race with the Pickle Juice Team. The youngster’s inaugural race was technical, challenging, and in the rain.  The Wilmington GP is an eight corner downtown Criterium that traditionally draws large crowds, including one diehard fan that brings his live parrot to the race each year. Anyways, the team was off to a good start at the beginning of the 25 mile race. Over the course of the race Colleen was caught up in a crash (without injury) and suffered a rear flat. With that being more than enough bad luck for the day the girls managed to finish upright and survived the wet course. The results were not what they had hoped for but in a sport where you are predisposed to losing more than you win, you learn to take the good days with the bad, learn and move forward. We finished off the day celebrating Alijah’s birthday with her own request…. giant jars of pickles (this girl fits right in). 😁 Colleen and Alijah will be headed down to Texas on Thursday to join teammate Christie Tracy for the Bike the Bricks Criterium in McKinney, Texas. 


Season-ed Schedule

After a few inquiries it seems like people want to know where the Pickles will be throughout the season. We appreciate the love and are happily posting our season schedule. If you see us out training or at a race please come up and say hi…. we love hearing from you all and meeting new people. 😁

– May 12: Smoketown Airport Criterium; Lancaster, PA

– May 19: Wilmington Grnad Prix; Wilmington, DE

– May 25: Historic Downtown McKinney’s Bike the Bricks Criterium; McKinney, TX

– May 28: Tour of Somerville Criterium; Somerville, NJ

– June 2-4: Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic; Oklahoma City, OK

– June 8-10: Tulsa Tough; Tulsa,OK

– June 15: World Series of Bicycling UCI Fastest Man on Wheels (Track Race); Breinigsville, PA

– June 17: Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic; Harlem, NY

– June 22: World Series of Bicycling UCI Festival of Speed (Track Race); Breinigsville, PA

– June 29: World Series of Bicycling UCI Keirin Cup (Track Race); Breinigsville, PA

– June 30: CRCA Lou Maltese Memorial; Central Park, NY

– June 30-July 1: Longsjo Classic Crit Omnium; Fitchburg, MA

– July 6-15: BC Superweek…. TBD; Canada

– July 20: World Series of Bicycling 11th Annual Mike Walter Madison (Track Race); Breinigsville, PA

– July 21: CRCA Mengoni Grand Prix; Central Park, NY

– July 22nd: Pottstown Bike Race; Pottstown, PA (we are promoting this race… so come on out for a day of fun!)

– July 27th: World Series of Bicycling US 10 Mile Championships; Breinigsville, PA

– August 4-7: USAC Elite Track National Championships; Carson, CA

– August 10: World Series of Bicycling Corporate Challenge (Track Race); Breinigsville, PA

– August 11: Benchmark Twilight Cycling Classic; West Chester, PA

– August 17: World Series of Bicycling Air Products Finals (Track Race); Breinigsville , PA

– August 18: Ambler Criterium; Ambler, PA

-August 3: World Series of Bicycling Golden Wheel Race/Tandemonium (Track Race): Breinigsville, PA

At the end of August both Alijah and Colleen will be returning to school. Alijah will continue racing collegiate at her college, Marian University, while pursuing her undergraduate degree.  Colleen will continue to race in New Zealand while working on her PhD.


Red Hook Recap: Rolling the Dice

Red hook is a gamble. The down and dirty combination of skill, speed, power, endurance, tactics, fixed gear, and just pure guts makes for the most fun I’ve ever had while racing. Sunday brought some of the best racers in the world to the streets of Brooklyn for the Red Hook Criterium. While I was fortunate enough to earn the win here last year, the change of course and the attendance of at least three other Red Hook winners made for a lot of possible champions. Qualifying went well. I achieved my goal of placing top 10-15, feeling out the other girls, nailing my lines on all 9 corners, and solidifying my gear choice for the final. My 10th in qualifying allowed me to bypass the last chance race and go directly to the finals. So I had about 5 hours to kill watching the other last chance races, learning from other people’s mistakes, dealing with some equipment changes, and getting some fuel. When 7:30 arrived, freezing with impending rain, the Brooklyn cruise terminal was illuminated by the flash of photographers. The excitement is matched only by a few races and I was ready to roll the dice and gamble for another big race win. I got a great start, had good position and felt fine during the initial blistering pace of the race. About a third of the way in I lost a few spots in a turn. Later that lap a few girls wiped out in the turn in front of me, creating a division in the field. Luckily, I stayed upright, but unluckily I was behind the split… causing me to chase. By all means it was my fault combined with a little bad timing but I went from a position of comfort to a “oh crap it’s now or never” feeling. My group tried to chase and we got close. I thought the timing was as good as it was ever going to get so I tried to bridge solo. Anyone who has ever ridden a fixie crit knows that gaps are incredibly hard to close because you have one gear… we all have to slow down to the same speed in the turns and once you top out your rpm you are just holding the gap but not closing it. So, you close it in the acceleration and decelerations…. making it a game of who can speed up the quickest, then jam on the back pedaling the hardest to not dump it in the turns. Well, I hade it half way to the leaders and blew up, I tried again later with three laps to go because 17th is as good as last so might as well gamble and go for the lead pack. Well, I didn’t make it and got caught with one to go. I managed to still win the group sprint earning me about 17th place…. a bummer after the win last year, but like I said nothing is for sure in Red Hook Crits. I made it through with all my skin and only my ego bruised… it could be a lot worse. Congrats to the women’s field who put on an amazing race with champions from all over the world. Our field averaged 26.6 mph in the final… with fixie bikes, on a course with 9 turns, and half in the rain…. nothing to sneeze at. The future of women’s cycling is thriving and it’s hard fought races like these that make the sport exciting. Thanks to our incredible sponsors for making races like these a reality. Next race is Orchard Beach in the Bronx on Sunday.

“Pickle For A Day” Mentor Program

The Pickle Juice Company and the Pickle Juice Cycling Team believe in the power and need for quality mentors to promote women’s cycling.  As young(ish) 😉 female riders who have taken years to progress through the ranks of cycling we know it can be a tough road. It’s not a main stream sport where you can be on a high school, then college, then pro team. Navigating the appropriate steps can be a challenge for anyone. It’s important to have someone that has been there done that before you to help show you the best ways to progress your cycling career. We want to help. The Pickle Juice Company is invested in the development of women’s cycling and suggested a new approach for 2018 to help the future of women’s cycling. Applications are now open for our “Pickle For A Day” mentor program where a junior or up and coming rider will apply to be a guest member of the Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team. This nouveau Pickle will spend the day AND RACE with the team.  She will go through our entire process: warm up, course walk through, strategy, race, cool down, and post-race review.  Plus they will receive a team jersey and free entry! During the day we will explain our race day routines, little tips and tricks that made a world of difference for us, and answer any questions that might help them advance their career. We hope women will use this as a tool to see what racing at the next step is like and see how a supportive women’s team operates.

Soooooooo… applications are officially open! 😁

Are you a junior or up-and-coming rider looking for experience at the next level of racing?  Have you been owning the podium in cat 2 or 3 and want to take the next step in your cycling career?  Want to see what it’s like to be a part of the Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team?  Please email your answers to the questions below, along with which race(s) you would like to ride to

We look forward to reading about all the amazing female riders out there!

 -Racing Age:
 -Racing Category:
 -Home Town:
 -List 3 most notable cycling accomplishments:
 -Biggest strength & weakness on the bike:
 -Future goals in cycling:
 -Why do you want to be a pickle for a day?
 -Which of the following races would you like to be race with the Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team?
May 25th- Historic Downtown McKinney's Bike the Bricks VII Criterium (McKinney, TX)
May 28th- Tour of Somerville (Somerville, NJ)
June 2-4- Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic (Oklahoma City, OK)
June 8-10- Tulsa Tough (Tulsa, OK) 
June 17th- Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic (NY)
July 22nd- Pottstown Bike Race (Pottstown, PA)
August 11th- Benchmark Twilight Cycling Classic (West Chester, PA)
August 18th- Ambler Criterium (Ambler, PA)
*Track Dates TBA

A City Pickle


6-Days of Kissena Day #3- 1st
6-Days of Kissena Day #4- 1st


Women’s weekend caused a large field of riders to roll into the kissena velodrome this weekend for some great racing. Saturday was a shockingly warm day; I was sure to drink my Pickle Juice to ward off cramps.  The women had a 3 race omnium and a feature event.  Racing the 400m track early in the season with a couple new riders means anything can happen. On Saturday the odds were in my favor and I won all three omnium events and took a second in the feature. Sunday was a totally different story weather wise. With a real feel of 31 degrees it was all about warm up.  The promoters and officials were great about moving the program along quickly for everyone to stay warm. With this faster paced program I earned two firsts and a second (winning the omnium) and took home the win in the feature event.  These early season races are a great chance to stretch your legs, try new things, and shake the cobwebs loose from a long winter. As an added bonus this women’s weekend was a great way to support women in cycling. Shout out goes to I am I can I will I do for her sponsorship of the weekend and focus on women’s Cycling.

After racing I got to pack up the car with a new bike!!!!! 😁👏🎊🎉 Affinity Cycles makes a kick ass Kissena fixed gear bike and I can’t wait to build up this machine (pics to come soon) and race it at Red Hook.

Looking ahead the next race on the schedule is 6-Days of Kissena Race #5 on Saturday and Lower Providence Criterium on Sunday. Fingers crossed for some good weather. 😁

Back in the Brine

Cherry Blossom Criterium (Newark, NJ) -3rd
6-Days of Kissena Day 1 (Flushing, NY) -2nd
6-Days of Kissena Day 2 (Flushing, NY) -1st

What a whirlwind of a week. The 27 hour flight from New Zealand went smoothly and gave me time to do a lot of work and catch up on movies. 😁 I jumped right back into the swing of things and started training in Pennsylvania less than 12 hours after landing (thanks to some great training partners and coach in PA). This weekend was a great start to the US season and getting the race legs back… plus I got to test out the new Jakroo kit and Garneau XComfort shoes (thanks to them for giving me some flashy style). Saturday morning was the Cherry Blossom Crit… a 2 mile crit circuit in Newark, NJ that was freezing but yet provided a good opportunity to shake out some crit cobwebs and have some fun. I won the field sprint, placing 3rd overall.  The day continued with a quick drive into the city for the first of the Kissena 6-Day Track series, where I took 2nd in the omnium.  Plus, I got to take a sneak peak at the Affinity Track bike that I’ll be riding for a Red Hook (it’s ridiculous but I’m like a kid on Christmas with new bikes).  After staying with some friends in the city it was time for round two on Sunday with the second day of Kissena racing.  My legs started to come around and I took first in every race including the omnium. Overall, it’s still early in the season but seeing progress is always rewarding.  Thanks to all the PA and NY riders, coaches, promoters, and families for the warm welcome home.  As always, thank you to our sponsors that make all of this racing possible.  Photo credit goes to Laichungleung. Looking forward to the rest of the 2018 season…. next up is the 6-Days of Kissena round two next weekend.

Sponsors: Pickle Juice, Affinity, FFWD, Jakroo, Garneau, Livia, Pressure Positive, Podium Sports, Thompson, Lazer, Tetra Bike

Why We Use Pickle Juice: The Inside Slice

Ever had a muscle cramp while working out or a charlie horse when you’re trying to relax?  Many athletes have experienced the discomfort of muscle cramps at some point in their athletic careers. While it has been shown that some people are more prone to cramps than others, fear no more, we now have a way scientifically shown to treat them.  Hear more about the benefits of Pickle Juice from the riders of the Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team.

“As athletes we are all about fine tuning the details.  We dial in the way we train, our nutrition, our sleep, and our equipment.  Then a muscle cramp comes along at the worst possible time and it makes it ten times harder to race up to our potential.  For me, I remember a having a calf cramp in the final 20 laps of the points race at the Revolution Champion’s League a couple years ago.  It was the final race of the omnium and I was having a fantastic day.  Then my calf cramped up and it became a game of survival and hoping no one attacked while I awkwardly tried to stretch it out on the bike (as a heads up… the stretching while riding thing doesn’t work on a fixed gear bike).  After that I became a huge fan of Pickle Juice.  It has been a huge asset to me on the bike.  In addition, as an exercise physiologist I can attest to its scientific validity.  It’s safe, effective, and can really save you on race day.” –Colleen Gulick, Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team Rider

“One item I always have with me before my race is Pickle Juice. The past couple of years I have had troubles with cramping on the bike, but with pickle juice my cramping isn’t an issue and I can use all my power to go out and do what needs to be done in my race. Love PICKLE JUICE!” –Alijah Beatty, Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team Rider

Clink on the following link to find out where you can pick up some pickle juice (

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